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Recruiting Wire | 2025 Purdue Target Trent Sisley | Interview & Overview

The Top 50 Power Forward is a High Priority Target for the Boilers in 2025.

Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at some recruits that Coach Matt Painter and his staff are looking at or have committed in the incoming classes. In this series we provide an overview of the player, provide a comparison to a former Purdue basketball player, where Purdue stands with the recruit, and hopefully hear from the player or one of their coaches. Let’s jump into one of Purdue’s 2025 top targets in Heritage Hills power forward Trent Sisley.


Rated a top 50 player in 247’s 2025 rankings, Trent Sisley is a 6’7 205 pound power forward from Heritage Hills High School in Lincoln City, Indiana. He is also the #2 rated player in the state of Indiana in the 2025 class behind only top 10 nationally rated Jalen Haralson (also being recruited by Purdue).

Sisley plays for Indy Heat Gym Rats, one of the preeminet AAU programs in the country, on the Nike EYBL circuit. There he gets a chance to play more on the wing which is likely where his future holds in basketball although as he continues to grow and add strength, he may grow into a stretch 4 type player (like Vince Edwards).

This season so far for Heritage Hills, Sisley is averaging 27.5 points per game, 3.7 assists, 10.4 rebounds, and 3.1 blocks through the teams first 13 games. Although he plays in a lower division in the state he is dominating in a way that you would want to see from a player of his caliber. He plays on the interior for his team and he projects much more as a wing at the next level where he can use his length and skill dribbling and shooting to put opposing defenses in binds.

Overall, Sisley is an intriguing prospect that would clearly fit with what Purdue wants to do from a schematic standpoint on both offense and defense. As only a sophomore at 6’7 or 6’8 and 205 pounds, he will continue to grow and could get to 6’10 and likely play at around 225 pounds. This type of player in Purdue’s scheme can see huge amounts of minutes early on as his skillset translates easily to what Purdue wants to do on offense and defense. A player with the ability to catch-and-shoot from the wing along with being able to handle the ball effectively within the offense will be featured similar to that of Robbie Hummel and Vince Edwards.

Player Comparison:

Sisley has a smoothness about his game right now and the fluidity in his overall game is very similar to that of Vince Edwards. A big power forward but with the overall skill to handle the ball on the wing and within the offense. Edwards was the 121st rated player according to 247’s composite system but was rated a top 100 player on ESPN (89th) behind his smooth overall game from the inside-out where he could use his bigger body against smaller wings inside while also using his athleticism and shooting to take advantage of bigger players. That was something Purdue saw him doing and he exceled in while playing for the Boilers.

Like Edwards, Sisley has a smoothness and effortless look to his game the belies his overall ability. Edwards was really underrated as a recruit mainly because he lacked a bit of overall athleticism. Had Edwards grown to 6’10-6’11, he would have been an absolutely dominate player in college and been a no-brainer NBA prospect. Sisley is already 6’8 and believes he may grow to 6’10 and that is one reason why Sisley is top 50 overall talent in his class.

Outside of the Purdue comparison of players I’d like to stick with, Sisley really looks similar to former Purdue target Pete Nance. A long, athletic, smooth player at that power forward position who can shoot the ball and handle it well. Nance was asked to do way too much in his time at Northwestern so his skill set wasn’t always on display (especially when he was asked to defend Edey one-on-one which was a travesty). Purdue really wanted Nance for all the reasons it wants Sisley and if Purdue can continue to push what it has going for it with its’ development of players, success on the court, and the family atmosphere that has been built by Coach Painter, it has as good a chance as any to make an impression on the rising sophomore star.

Where Does Purdue Stand?:

Sisley currently holds an offer from Purdue along with Indiana, Michigan State, Iowa, and Ohio State with Auburn, Cincinnati, and Tennessee showing more interest recently. Sisley and his family have stated they love what Coach Painter has done with the program and it features a lot of what they are seeking, but right now Sisley says he is far from a decision. They have held some discussions as a family but nothing in depth that would place any school ahead of another. Sisley will likely take his junior year official visits and make a decision on his own timeline.


Trent took time out of his busy school and basketball schedule to sit down with Hammer and Rails to discuss his recruitment, his sophomore season with Heritage Hills, and some other pieces about basketball.

Hammer & Rails: You are enjoying a very good season so far with your high school program. Tell us a little bit about your season so far & what you all have done to improve on the disappointment in sectionals last year.

Trent Sisley: “We started off really well where we won our first game and avenged a loss and then since we have dropped a few games but we are learning and trying to get better. We want to win our conference going into sectionals and make a run in the state tourney. Last year I got pushed a lot and my jump shot wasn’t as good as it is now. It motivated me to improve my shot and expand my game as I get more athletic.”

H&R: You play for one of the premier AAU programs in the country who consistently have high level D1 talent. What is it like getting a chance to play with those caliber of players in the Nike EYBL?

T.S: “It’s been good for me. My brother played in that program and for me to play for the Indy Heat has been great for me to get that exposure, travel the country, and getting some great coaches has been great for me.”

H&R: What do you think is your best attribute right now that you can build off of for your future?

T.S: “Probably being able to play in transition and hit shots in transition or get to the rim to finish but I think that helps me being able to stretch the floor. I think that is what people might see in me moving forward.”

H&R: Right now the college game seems to feature 4’s that are either a catch-and-shoot player (Grady Eifert/Mason Gillis) or a three level scorer (Robbie Hummel/Vince Edwards). Do you think you are more of a catch and shoot type 4’s or more of a three level scorer?

T.S: “I think I am more of a three level scorer. When I came up to Purdue, I got to sit and talk to Coach Painter talked to me and he kind of compared me to Robbie Hummel and Vince Edwards.”

H&R: Coach Painter was the first coach to offer you at the major level. What kind of impact did that have on you to get that first offer from a coach like Coach Painter?

T.S: “It was big for me because it was even before I played a high school game. I was starting to get a little bit of attention but that started all the major attention and he told me that it would change everything. You have a target on your back now and its a bigger game now. For that to happen from him was huge especially coming before I even played in high school. it obviously shows what they see in your now and it makes you want to keep getting better. Coach Painter was at a game about two weeks ago and Coach Lusk was down here recently as well so they have been here a lot.”

H&R: Tell us a little about your recruitment up to this point. What are some things you are looking at that are important to you as a student-athlete?

T.S: “I am paying attention to everything and seeing what everyone has to offer but I honestly want to go somewhere that wins and a place that I can play. I want to be able to go to a place where I can produce.”

H&R: What stands out to you about Coach Painter and his program at Purdue? What do you think are the things that intrigue you about the Boilers?

T.S: “Just the way that guys fit into their roles and also the way the team functions. The guys all seem to buy in and play really well in their roles. When I watch them play and watched them practice that really stood out. The way that Purdue plays is intriguing because they let their 3 and 4 guys go hit shots on the perimeter. They have had really good bigs recently and being able to play off those guys and on the perimeter is something I have noticed, especially recently with Zach Edey.”

H&R: You got a chance to take an unofficial visit to Purdue in December for the Minnesota game. Tell us how that experience was and what stood out to you the most.

T.S: “It was really good because that was my first time at Mackey for a game so to get that experience was really cool. I got to go into the locker room both pregame and after they won so getting to see both ends of that was really cool.”

H&R: Is there a player in college or the NBA right now that you try to set aside time to watch because you enjoy their game and how they play? What player do you think would be a good comparison for yourself?

T.S: “Not really. I try to catch games when I can but I try to watch some things online to see if I can steal a move from someone to work on in practice. I don’t know if there is a guy that I try to compare myself to but I want to be a guy who can really shoot it but also put it on the floor to play off the wings.”

H&R: What position do you see yourself playing in college? Do you think you could be a big small forward type or do you think you’ll grow into and play more as a power forward?

T.S: “Probably right now at my size would be a 3 but if get to college and get a little stronger and grow a couple more inches, I could see myself playing the 4.”

H&R: Purdue will be looking at potentially replacing both of the 4’s in Mason Gillis and Caleb Furst in 2025. Is the opportunity for early playing time a big key for you in your recruitment?

T.S: “Yeah, I think it is a key for me. You want to go somewhere you can win and produce. I want to be able to step on the floor and get minutes wherever I go.”

H&R: The McDonald’s All American players were recently announced for the class of 2023. If you had to choose between that or winning Mr. Basketball as a senior, which are you choosing?

T.S: “That’s a tough one. Probably Mr. Basketball because of the tradition and getting that would be cool.”