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The State of the Big Ten

Plus I tell a story from my time in the Paint Crew.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I know a lot of you prefer your podcasts in audio rather than video version. With that in mind I convinced Casey to send me the MP3 of our recent episode of his Boiler Upload show. That way I could release it as a podcast on the H&R feed. You should have it now.

We talk about the state of the Big Ten and try to discuss how we would rank the conference teams if forced. After number one and number 14 everything is really up in the air. What a weird year for the conference.

Then we talk about Purdue’s hot start and where the season goes from here. But then, most importantly we talk about the origin of the IU Sucks chant after Hail Fire. It’s been discussed in this space before but somehow it’s always more fun to tell the story verbally rather than in print. Have a listen and make sure to subscribe to the Boiler Upload YouTube feed to help those guys out. They are doing great work over there.