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Purdue Basketball Releases New Uniforms - And They’re Perfect

What a beautiful sight.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things you miss when you’re a college basketball fan is the players of the past. Players that were before your time. If you’ve got relatives who are fans of the same school as you maybe it’s a player that your relative loved. Maybe it’s just an all-time great player who played before you were born. Regardless, there’s always a bittersweet feeling, to me at least, of knowing of legends like this and never being able to watch them play live. That’s how I feel about Rick Mount and Purdue. He came before my time; playing at Purdue from 1967-1970. During that time he became one of the greatest shooters of all time and wracked up an incredible 2323 points. All before the three point line existed mind you.

He became estranged from the program for awhile, the reasons aren’t important, but he’s made his way back into it the last decade or so. We love to see it. One thing that always stuck out to me about images of Mount playing was the uniforms. They looked great! Check out this picture:

NCAA Basketball: USA TODAY Sports-Archive Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Well, if you follow the @boileruniforms account on Twitter you know that he had been teasing this for a little while and that it’s something he always thought Purdue should do. Then, a few weeks back word came out that Smith and Loyer went down to Lebanon to meet with Rick Mount and to do some shooting with him. Sort of suspicious but no immediate red flags. Well, today it all came together. I’ve made you wait long enough. Check out these beauties.

I think they are absolutely perfect. No notes. What do you think?

Purdue has released additional looks at the uniform. Notice the use of Old Gold here!