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Talking Big Ten - This Time in Video Form

I hop on the Boiler Upload show to help out Casey.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

You may remember this guy named Casey Bartley who used to write stuff for us here at Hammer and Rails and used to be on a podcast with me. Well, he moved on to bigger and better things over at Boiler Upload. He started a new Youtube series but his co-host was unavailable on their normal recording day. So I hopped on over to fill in because as you might know, content and consistency is key in this business.

Plus, to me, it’s always a joy to take to Casey. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about basketball and I always appreciate his humor. Check out the video below and if you really like the content feel free to head over to the Boiler Upload Youtube channel and become a subscriber. That’s what really helps them out.

In this episode we discuss the current #1 ranking, the current state of the Big Ten, and finally we discuss the origins of the IU Sucks chant after Hail Fire because Casey claims I never shared that with him. I think that’s incorrect.