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Purdue Men’s Basketball - #1 In Our Hearts, #1 In the Country?

Will Purdue rise to #1 later today?

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Ryan and I are back to talk all things Purdue basketball. We recorded just hours after that slog of a win against Maryland. Fortunately, we waited long enough to see top ranked Houston lose to unranked Temple and so we had a good excuse to talk rankings. The AP Top 25 comes out today. Purdue currently sits at #3. With #1 losing once and #2 losing twice since the last rankings will/should Purdue move up to #1 again? Ryan and I debate.

Also, which are our favorite arenas to attend games at? Mackey not included since that is obviously number one there. I base my answers off of the experience I had there so it is game dependent.

Take a listen, tell your friends, or don’t I guess, I mean if you haven’t done so already I’m not sure whatever I put at this end of this story is going to influence you to change your behavior.