Could Edey make more staying at Purdue next year?

Just pondering some crazy thoughts while simultaneously trying to bask in the glow of Purdue heading back to #1 and trying to wave a box of matches in the air to get rid of the stench of their offensive performance today vs. Maryland... ;-) Much has been made of NIL ruining the college game, but could Edey be a rare case where NIL keeps him at Purdue his senior year? As dominant as he is in college, his draft ceiling seems to be the second round, with a game that isn't a great fit except as perhaps a role player off the bench. Almost by definition, most second round picks go for close to the NBA minimum (~ $1M), and some only get two-way contracts with little guaranteed. (As a point of reference, the last pick of first round is locked in via rookie pay scale at just under $2M, so that pretty much brackets the range for a second round pick). It's not unthinkable that the Purdue NIL base couldn't come up with $1M to make it a financial wash for Edey to stay in college - in fact, I would argue that college might be more lucrative when you consider the star power vs. being somewhat buried in the NBA shuffle. He'd still have the NBA ahead of him, and the injury risk is really a wash as he likely would not have a long term deal in the NBA, either. I know conventional wisdom is that he is gone after this year, but I could at least imagine a different outcome if he was so inclined and the money showed up. (On a darker side, another school could try to poach him for even more money, but I feel like Edey is pretty loyal to Purdue, and if he wanted to stay in college, he'd rather run it back with this team, who will almost all return).

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