Houston Loses. Purdue #1 again!

For those that can't stand these posts about other teams, sorry. Just scroll on.

Temple went up 7 with over 5 minute left and didn't score a FG again. Houston tied it with about a minute left and the Temple got one free throw to take a 1 point lead. A horrible call by the officials in the final seconds. Temple missed a shot with about 10 seconds to go, shot clock reset, they kick it out after an offensive rebound. Then the refs stop the clock, show that there was a SC violation and turned the ball over to Houston. Egregious call because the clock HAD reset, even if that was the wrong call, they should have given Temple the ball with 2 seconds on the SC or whatever it should have been. BUt it all doesn't matter, UH didn't score in the final 8 seconds and Purdue will be the new #1 team.

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