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Purdue Non-Conference Tracker: 1/20/23

How have Purdue’s non-B1G opponents done since our last update? Plus, a look into conference foes!

Purdue v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

To see the previous update, check here.

After another week of games, Purdue’s Net ranking has remained in the top 5, currently sitting at 4. That’s an ideal spot for seeding come March, but Purdue doesn’t control what its opponents due after they play each other. Milwaukee has actually dropped in the rankings since last time (from 154 to 177) and turned Purdue’s Q3 win to a Q4. Of course, Milwaukee can regain its spot and change the result back, but Purdue has no influence over that. This is why scheduling big-branded teams early on is important, given that you can compete and win against those teams. Purdue has more than proven their worth, so let’s take a look at what’s out of their hands:

Q1: Home vs 1-30, Neutral vs 1-50, Away vs 1-75

Q2: Home vs 31-75, Neutral vs 51-100, Away vs 76-135

Q3: Home vs 76-160, Neutral vs 101-200, Away vs 136-240

Q4: Home vs 161+, Neutral vs 201+, Away vs 241+


Since Last Update: L vs Wright State, W vs Robert Morris

NET: 177

Quad 4 Win

Austin Peay

Since Last Update: L at Lipscomb, L vs Bellarmine

NET: 294

Quad 4 Win


Since Last Update: L at Xavier, W vs Providence

NET: 17

Quad 1 Win

West Virginia (PKL)

Since Last Update: L at Oklahoma, W vs TCU

NET: 24

Quad 1 Win

6 Gonzaga (PKL)

Since Last Update: W vs Portland, L vs Loyola Marymount

NET: 11

Quad 1 Win

8 Duke (PKL)

Since Last Update: L at Clemson

NET: 26

Quad 1 Win

@Florida State

Since Last Update: L vs Virginia, W at Notre Dame

NET: 207

Quad 3 Win


Since Last Update: W vs Delaware, L at Townson, W vs UNC Wilmington

NET: 108

Quad 3 Win

Davidson (Indy Classic)

Since Last Update: L at George Mason, L at Dayton

NET: 167

Quad 3 Win

New Orleans

Since Last Update: L at Texas A&M- CC, L vs Texas A&M- Commerce

NET: 348

Quad 4 Win

Florida A&M

Since Last Update: L vs Arkansas- Pine Bluff, W vs Mississippi Valley State

NET: 360

Quad 4 Win

There you have it: Purdue currently has 4 Q1, 3 Q3, and 4 Q4 wins against its non-conference slate. After beating Minnesota on the road yesterday, Purdue should not have any more opportunities for a “bad” loss moving forward. Listed below is Purdue’s remaining schedule, their current Net ranking, and which quadrant the game would fall under (currently).

Opponent Net Quadrant

Maryland 46 Q2

At Michigan 77 Q2

Michigan State 37 Q2

Penn State 51 Q2

At Indiana 23 Q1

Iowa 35 Q2

At Northwestern 54 Q1

At Maryland 46 Q1

Ohio State 30 Q1

Indiana 23 Q1

At Wisconsin 65 Q1

Illinois 32 Q2

Purdue will have plenty of opportunities to continue building its impressive resume, with 12 more Q1/Q2 games. Depending on Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan State, Purdue could have 9 more Q1 games to add to their national best 7 wins. For reference, national champion, Kansas, led the country last year with 16 Q1 wins and in 2021, national champion, Baylor, led with 13. Purdue finished with 10 and 6 wins in 2022 and 2021, respectively. Purdue has got is work cut out, but it could make a big statement come tournament time.