IU Star Again

It has a paywall, so I won't bother posting; but here are the two headlines in the Star after last night's games:

"Zach Edey Held in Check, But Purdue Basketball Just Keeps Winning"

"It Was TJD's World Thursday, and Everybody Else Was Just Living in It"

Look, I will start with the latter and admit this (as painful as it is) ... TJD was unstoppable last night for IU. He scored 35 pts on 15-19 shooting (79%) and was 5-6 at the line. I was surprised at how amateur he made Dainja and Hawkins look for the Illini. He also added 3 blocks. Hat tip to TJD. He'll probably get (and deserve) player of the week for that game. However, I will note that even with that, he fell short of a double-double (only 9 Rebs).

My bigger problem is our headline. Nobody held Edey in check last night ... he dominated that game. He only played 27 minutes, was 6-9 shooting (67%), had 6 Rebs, and 4 blocks. The post players for Minny were completely stifled when he was in the game. It's just completely misleading to state that Edey was held in check. He was below his statistical averages, but his mere presence (and a couple of assists) facilitated most of the Boilers other points.

I don't know why the headline wouldn't have instead focused on Braden Smith's performance ... 8-13 shooting (62%), 3-5 from 3pt (60%), 7 Rebs, 7 Assist, 2 TOs, and 0 fouls. That's a borderline astonishing performance from a freshman PG. I'd argue that it was better than his Marquette game where he scored 20pts because he had 5 more Rebs, 4 more Assists, and 4 fewer fouls on the same number of TOs. Just crazy bias - as always - from the IU Star.

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