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Purdue Basketball Remains #1 In AP Top 25

Ho hum, just the number one team in the country. Still.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Noe Padilla/Journal & Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The AP released their Top 25 today as a reminder that there’s more than just the Citrus Bowl to pay attention to this afternoon. As expected Purdue was again the top ranked team. This held true after Purdue defeated an overmatched Florida A&M team and then #2 ranked UConn fell to Xavier. After never having been ranked #1 in program history Purdue achieved this honor for the first time last year and subsequently lost their very next game to Rutgers. This is also the 3rd consecutive Purdue has earned a #1 ranking.

Purdue has now held the #1 spot for 4 consecutive weeks and are playing their next game against…checks schedule…F&$% Rutgers?!?! Oh man. That’s okay. Different teams. Purdue received all but one of the first place votes in this week’s ranking with UConn still receiving one for some reason. Very strange choice. Oh well.

Purdue is next in action at 7:00 tonight as they take on Rutgers at home.