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Matt Frost Surprised with Scholarship

The walk-on has earned this achievement.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The most under appreciated players in college basketball are the walk-ons. They put in the same amount of work as the stars but most people don’t know their names. People might not even know they are on the basketball team. Yet they are working their butts off each and every day to try and make the team better. It’s (usually) a thankless job.

Matt Frost came to Purdue out of Columbus East. He was an all-conference honoree. During his junior season he led the team in points and rebounds. He was a star on his team. A star at his school. We all remember how important sports were in high school. If you are good at basketball in the state of Indiana you’re automatically cool. Frost had all of that plus a great academic career.

He probably could’ve gone to a smaller school to continue his playing career but he comes from a Purdue family. His Purdue sports profile notes that his family includes 11 Purdue alums and that his brother is currently at Purdue as well. Frost currently is majoring in Industrial Management.

During his time at Purdue he’s appeared in 20 games for 40 minutes. He’s got a total of 11 points. But that’s not what it’s about for guys like Frost. For them it’s about the experience. It’s about being there and putting in the work. It’s about making everyone else better. Imagine growing up loving Purdue and then being able to be involved, in any way at all, with the basketball team. What a dream. Well tonight that dream just got a little sweeter when head coach Matt Painter announced that Matt Frost would be put on scholarship. He won’t see action this year due to a torn ACL but he’s still an integral part of the team. Watch the video below of his teammates reactions. You’ve gotta love sports. Congrats to Matt Frost and his parents too if they were the ones paying for his college.