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So It Goes on the Road in the Burly Big Ten

Purdue heads on the road and finishes 2-0 in conference play.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Penn State Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

In the mid 90’s Purdue basketball would release a series of highlight videos after each year. I’m not sure if they were affiliated officially with the athletic department or with just the men’s team or even GBI or some other publication but my dad had copies of the three-pete (yes that’s intentional) years along with others. My brother Ryan and I would watch them all the time. So much so that we could repeat the lines as they played. These videos were narrated by none other than Larry Clisby. They were one of the reasons I fell so in love with Purdue basketball as a young kid growing up in Indiana who could only get to a game or two per year.

One of our favorite lines of all time was that in the headline. After Big Dog and the Boilers had faced an especially brutal road trip and a loss cut to the bench looking despondent and the coaches looking angry with Clisby’s voiceover (and me typing the line won’t do his cadence justice) “so it goes...on the the burly...big ten.” Just an incredible line that we still use to this day.

Purdue faced a road trip of their own this week as they had to travel to Ohio State and then Philly for a game against Penn State. This may not be the same as the burly Big Ten of Clisby’s day but these are still two well coached and disciplined opponents. Purdue came out 2-0. Ryan and I discuss it at length. Somehow during our discussion of the Penn State game we failed to mention the fact that Edey finished with 30 points. What a beast that guy is.

We also discuss our favorite old school video games as well as the recent discussion around Big Ten officiating. Give it a listen will ya?