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Was the Penn State Loss Jeff Brohm’s Fault?

Casey and I put a bow on Penn State week.

Penn State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

After allowing the loss to Penn State simmer in our minds for a couple days Casey and I are back with our thoughts on the week 1 loss to the Nittany Lions. Both of us picked this as a Purdue victory so you can imagine our disappointment with the loss. This also may knock us out of the possible 10 win season that strangely enough both us predicted. There was no collusion!

Before that though we talk about the more recent Purdue football news by giving you our first reactions to the south end zone renderings that were released. Casey and I are both big fans of the design and the look of the project, plus it’s gotta look better than what we currently have right? We sort of just threw up a tent and plopped some tables down. Very 2021 Covid era restaurant that suddenly needed outdoor seating vibes if I’m being honest. Purdue, ahead of its time once again.

When talking Penn State we ask, is this Jeff Brohm’s fault? Was he too aggressive? If he had run the ball and been more conservative would Purdue have won or would Purdue still have lost and the complaint would just be flipped? The life of a head coach is a hard one. But, heavy is the crown that makes the millions so not really much sympathy here. Give it a listen and let us know our thoughts.