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Three Reasons Purdue Could Beat Minnesota, and Three Reasons They Won’t

Casey and I discuss it on the podcast.

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Going through these games one by one and previewing them can be a bit boring for people sometimes. We get it. So today on the podcast we tried to do things a bit differently than we normally do. Casey and I took opposing sides and I gave three reasons that Purdue could head into Minnesota and walk away with a win while Casey gave three reasons that Purdue won’t win in Minnesota. I think this allowed some optimism onto a podcast episode that I think overall neither of us feel good about.

Purdue heads into Minnesota, where they’ve never won in the current stadium, against a coach that Brohm is 1-4 against and where weird things always seem to happen. Who on Purdue will play? Will Purdue be able to slow down the incredible running game of Minnesota? Is Minnesota actually good or is their schedule just that weak? These things and more we discuss on today’s podcast.

Before we get to that though we take a look at the possible rule changes to the NBA rookie rules and how it might impact Purdue. CBS sports reports that the age for entering the NBA is very likely to be lowered to 18 as of 2024. I force Casey to determine if this will be good for Purdue.

Have a listen and let us know what you think about the Minnesota game and the NBA rule change.