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Behind the Rails Season 2, Episode 5: FAU Recap

It is the 3.6 Roentgen of reactions to Purdue’s FAU win.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

We’re a little bit late this week, but Kory and I were finally able to connect to talk about Purdue’s 28-26 win over Florida Atlantic this past Saturday. As always, Kory had some great thoughts:

  • What did Kory think about Dylan Downing and his first 100 yard rushing game at Purdue.
  • How did he rate the defense that was able to make some plays, but also struggled to close things out?
  • How did Austin Burton’s first start go and how does that bode well if he has to start in Minneapolis?
  • How did Kory like playing at Minnesota during his career?
  • What did Kory say in 2008 after playing Oregon that made Coach Tiller stop him from talking to the media?
  • What are some of the early thoughts on returning to conference play?

It is a podcast with a little bit of everything this week, but we are happy that we at least get to talk about a win.