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Happy Belated Start of Purdue Basketball Countdown! 44 Days Until Purdue Basketball - Will Berg

Really 43, but, we are a day late here.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-St. Peters vs Purdue Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue and giant humans.

Name a better combo.

The newest member of the Cradle of Centers is Will Berg.

A 7-2, 260 pound Freshman from Sweden.

The recruitment of William Berg was a quick one it seemed. Once the COVIDN traveling restrictions were lifted in 2021, he made some immediate visits, almost a tour around the the United States, before choosing to come to Big Man U.

Berg will join 7-4, Zach Edey at the center position. I know that Coach Matt Painter wants to get over 25 minutes per game with Edey at Center, so the other 15 minutes is unresolved. Is it Will Berg’s 15 minutes? Will we go “Smaller” with Caleb Furst (6-10 is actually a normal center in NCAA)? Or will we see TKR in the post with the 2s?

Either way, we can all feel safe knowing that Purdue has ANOTHER giant human on this roster that will be destined to be a very good basketball player. He has some skills we have not seen in a bit from a big man. He has a decent jump shot and seems a little more springy than guys like Zach Edey or Isaac Haas.

He moves pretty well and protects the rim at a decent clip too. It is hard telling what kind of competition he played in high school, as I am not up to date on Swedish HS Hoops, but, he appears to be very talented and has a great family.

Welcome, Will!

43 Days Until Tip!