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Is a Victory Always Enough?

Casey and I jump on to record right after the game.

Syndication: Journal-Courier
At least one Purdue fan had a good time.
Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

There’s a bit on the Simpsons where Homer has to scramble to buy a gift for Bart and walks into the only store that he can find. The store is filled with ancient and mystic artifacts but for some reason there’s a Krusty doll. Bart loves Krusty. So Homer attempts to buy it and then the following exchange happens.

That’s sort of how I feel after watching that Purdue game.

Purdue won: That’s good.

They only beat FAU by two points: That’s bad.

They were missing a lot of starters but still won: That’s good.

They made numerous bone-headed mistakes and seemed to have not learned anything from the loss against Syracuse: That’s bad.

Purdue found a way to win despite all of this: That’s good.

They next go on the road to play at a stadium they’ve never won in against a currently 4-0 Minnesota team: That’s bad.

Casey and I jumped on the microphones Saturday night right after the game (and the dogs had been walked) to talk about this game. Casey had a lot of problems with the coaching and I had lots of problems with the lack of discipline. Overall how do you feel after a game like this? Purdue won, sure but it was one of the worst victories I can remember watching. Sort of up there with the Illinois game last year but this one just seemed worse because of the opponent.

Ah well, have a listen and relive the wonder that was Purdue’s victory over FAU.