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Friday Drankin’: Islamorada Beer Company

South Florida beach beers!

Sanibel Island, Baileys General Store, local Islamorada Beer display Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

It is well known around here that I spend a lot of time in South Florida since I have family down there. That has led me to try a lot of different breweries. I have never been up to Boca Raton, but since it is essentially one giant city from West Palm Beach down to Florida City I feel like I can expand out when looking for this week’s Friday Drankin’.

In truth, I can recommend a lot of good beers. Funk Buddha is closer to the FAU campus and their Floridian is an excellent Hefeweizen. Titanic Brewing is less than a block from Da U and has been in business forever, but they do not distribute, so you can only get their offerings in their pub. Wynwood, Veza Sur, and The Tank are other good ones in Miami-Dade county, but I am going to go with the brewery that is always a must-pickup when I go to Total Wine down there. It is a beer that always comes home with us.

Islamorada Beer Company

82229 Overseas Highway

Islamorada, FL 33036

Islamorada is technically in the Keys about an hour or so south of Miami proper, but it is more than worth the drive. They also distribute into South Florida and have a location in Fort Pierce, so you can easily find them at Total Wine down there. I love the drive from Miami to Key West and Islamorada is the first spot where you really start to island hop and enjoy the drive over water. It is a beautiful, relaxing drive, and I would not fault anyone for stopping at any of the beaches with a cooler full of this great beer.

Sandbar Sunday - 4.75 ABV, 17 IBU - This is an American Wheat with a Citrus undertone that is absolutely perfect as a beach beer. Get it cold, head out to the beach, and pull it out of the cooler. You will thank me later.

Islamorada Citrus Ale - 5% ABV, 19 IBU - This is another excellent light beach beer that is great in the sun and sand. It has a hint of orange, but it is not overly fruity. It is very crushable, and both the Citrus and the Sandbar Sunday are my go-tos when in the 305.

No Wake Zone Coconut Key Lime - 5% ABV, 14 IBU - Coconut and key lime are flavors of the keys, and they go well with this one. It is lightly sweet and both the coconut and the key lime are not overwhelming.

Go Fish - 5.1% ABV, 13 IBU - I have not tried the this one yet, mostly because I have not seen it in stores and the above three are so good, but it is a lager and is described as having a malty flavor without a lot of hops. That sounds good to me.

Islamorada Beer company also has a distillery at their Keys location if you’re looking for something harder.