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What is the Outlook for Purdue Football Now?

Casey and I try to figure out where Purdue goes from here.

Purdue v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

How do you solve a problem like Maria ermm uhh undisciplined football? This isn’t the first game that Purdue has lost because of STUPID, and I cannot repeat this enough, STUPID penalties. It’s becoming a bit of a thing here under Jeff Brohm. What does this mean? Is it a reflection of the man himself who has been known to have the occasional outburst on the sideline? These types of problems always fall on the coaches and they must find a way to fix this. Can they do it?

Of course we spend a lot of time in the podcast discussing the game against Syracuse and oh boy it was a doozy of a game wasn’t it? There were turnovers that weren’t, one of the worst pick sixes I’ve ever seen and missed opportunity after missed opportunity. Not to mention the absolutely insane fourth quarter that saw over 40 points scored after only 19 points were scored in the first three quarters.

Can Purdue recover and salvage this season? Is there enough time? Are there enough winnable games left on the schedule? What about the Big Ten West? Is it out of reach? We talk about these questions and more on the latest episode of the H&R podcast.