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Penn State 35, Purdue 31: In Tweets

Syndication: Journal-Courier Noe Padilla / USA TODAY NETWORK

Another missed opportunity.

That is what we are to take from last night. Purdue had every chance to put the game away, but could not manage enough offense in the fourth quarter. It ran the ball once when it had two different possessions and could not keep the clock moving. Yes, there were other mistakes. TJ Sheffield’s fumble just before halftime loomed large. Poor tackling on Penn State’s ensuing touchdown meant at least a 10 point shift in the game. When you lose by 4, that is monumental.

Purdue is still a good team. It will make a bowl game this year and probably win 7-8 games, but it is now behind the 8 ball in the Big Ten before the season even gets started. We’re looking at merely a good season instead of a great one.

And man, it sucks to have yet another chance to turn a corner only to falter. Poor tackling and poor time management. That was the game.

Anyway, here is In Tweets.