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Penn State 35 - Purdue 31 - Defense and Clock Management Falter

This could’ve been so different.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the Boilermakers up by three and with the ball in their hands in the fourth quarter you would think that the play calling would try to run some time off the clock. You’d be wrong. Purdue failed to run the ball snap after snap leaving plenty of time left on the clock and failing to force Penn State to use their timeouts. Then it came back to bite them.

After doing everything to keep Penn State in the game the Purdue defense decided to do them just one more solid. They generally forgot how to tackle. The game winning drive by Penn State saw at least two long plays that shouldn’t have happened had Purdue simply wrapped up and dragged their man down. Would it have mattered? I don’t know. But it surely wouldn’t be as maddening.

It’s a shame because Charlie Jones played incredibly. Purdue’s Chris Jefferson took the lead for Purdue with a 72 yard pick six, after which he got caught puking on the field. Unfortunately, while that’s all great, this game will now be a what might have been.

Much more is coming from Jace shortly.