About Saturday

Just finished watching the pre-FAU Monday Morning presser. I know that it's a more controlled environment than a typical post-game session, but I couldn't find fault in what Brohm had to say about Saturday and how he's addressing it with staff and players. I think that Durham's unsportsmanlike was closer to 50/50 than how Payne described it to him and what he saw on film for the mere fact that it looked like Payne initiated helmet contact (albeit very lightly) with the other player. It's still a no-call more often than not, but you just can't take that kind of risk if you're a team leader.

I still find the Brohm unsportsmanlike completely mystifying. Neither Brohm nor anybody else has offered an explanation on why that was called, especially given that it was a break in the action where sideline rules are not in effect.

What is clear, however, is that we have a team that can compete with anybody. If you read the Syracuse board, they're convinced that AOC and Chuck Sizzle will be playing on Sundays next year. Adding Mockobee to our RB stable is a big development because he offers us a rushing option that is more slippery than the power running game we get from Doerue and Downing. Our RB stats are not awe-inspiring but they were effective most of the day. Durham is a really solid TE ... just needs to keep his head in the game at all times.

Our defense held Syracuse to 306 yds. Tucker may be hobbled, but he's still the cornerstone of their offense and only managed 42 yds. Shrader was effective rushing but never ripped off a huge run and we mostly held him in-check throwing the ball (13/29 for 181 yds). That missed INT at the end of the game is no reminiscent of the infamous Schweigert dropped INT that would've sealed the 2004 Wisconsin game. Trice, Allen, and Kane are the most effective secondary combo that I can recall wearing Black & Gold.

There isn't a game on our schedule that is not winnable. Wisconsin always poses a problem with their O-line and Allen is a beast. Minnesota is almost a clone but with a better QB (however, they lost Autman-Bell on Saturday to a knee injury). Maryland looks scary on the stat sheet, but they haven't played anybody. Actually, none of these teams have yet to beat a quality opponent. PSU just throttled Auburn at Auburn. We can play with anybody and should expect to win all of the upcoming games if we can keep guys healthy.

Saturday sucked, but this team can still achieve its goal to win the B1G West.

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