Never would have seen it but congrats to Zander Horvath as he scores his first NFL Touchdown!

not sure how many more there will be in this young man’s career but that ball with have a spot on his mantle for years to come- his son will treasure it after he is gone and if he has two they’ll fight over it. Just a huge get for a young man that I was pleasantly surprised to see get drafted let alone make the team let alone get playing time let alone be looked to for a touchdown pass in year one! Congrats Zander! And Boiler Up!

Not to the level of Zander’s touchdown but also thrilled to see a local kid from our neighborhood get his first catch against ISU last week. Two sport kid who is accomplishing more at a Big Ten School than his experience at a non powerhouse high school football program prepared him for - nice start Drew Biber!

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