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Flag on the Play! Boilers Penalize Themselves Into Another Loss

I mean, come on.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

I am not here to argue.

The refs were far from perfect today. Many penalties I disagreed with, others I agreed with. They missed some for both teams, they called bad ones for both teams.

But, when you take a four point lead with 51 seconds to go and receive two unsportsmanlike penalties that gave the Orange the ball on the 50, you deserve to lose, you earned it.

When it happened, I looked at my wife and said, “We will lose the game because of this.”

And here we are.

The end of the game shenanigans cast a cloud over another great Charlie Jones outing who is making a name for himself in West Lafayette.

Chuck Sizzle, who is playing himself into being a NFL Draft Pick, continued his dominance, snagging 11 passes for 188 yards and a touchdown, numbers that will surely keep him at the top of the leaderboard among receivers in the nation.

The defense, played well for three quarters before the wheels fell off. A personal foul by Jack Sullivan lead to a scoring drive, where the Orange would have punted from midfield, which would have given Purdue a chance to add to their lead in the 3rd, another discipline mistake from our Boilers.

The Boiler defense focused on Sean Tucker, the standout RB from Cuse and did a great job on containing him, but the quarterback beat us with his legs, extending plays. While he was far from accurate as a passer, he made plays when they mattered for his team.

AOC had another standout performance aside from throwing a pick 6, going 39 of 55 for 424 yards and three touchdowns. While we got it done through the air, per usual, the rushing attack left much to be desired. Rushing the ball 22 times for 61 yards. Mockobee had a nice 15 yard touchdown run early.

In the end, we can look at all of the stats; who did what, the great plays that were made, the turnovers - but the true story of the contest was the number of penalties that were thrown on Purdue.

Purdue had 13 penalties for 144 yards, and two of those 13 penalties were against our leaders of the football team.

One for sure was against Payne Durham, a senior leader and a multi year starter, almost one you can live with. But, then another was reportedly against Head Coach Jeff Brohm.

This caused Purdue to kick the ball from the 10 yard line, rather than the 35, making Syracuse an immediate threat to score. The Orange had just under a minute and all three timeouts, the defense stood tall, until Shrader put a corner route on a dime, ending Purdue’s afternoon.

And that is how the cookie crumbled. It is another game Purdue has let slip away and Jeff Brohm is now 10-18 in one score games, per Purdue Sports Super fan, Keith Madderom. While many will comment and say it is an improvement, how much happier would we be if it was 18-10 instead?

Purdue lost this game more than Syracuse winning it.

The end.