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Friday Drankin’: Willow Rock Brewing

Stephen returns with a beer rec.

Duke University vs Syracuse University Set Number: X157801 TK1 R1 F38

I am not sure how much of a Purdue contingent there will be in Syracuse tomorrow, but there is apparently a good place for beer nearby. Since I am unfamiliar with the area I asked Stephen Haller from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician for a recommendation. His response was, “There is Willow Rock, then there is everyone else.”

Willow Rock Brewing

115 Game Rd

Syracuse, NY 13210-4216

Willow Rock is located about a mile and a half south of the football stadium, and they have several flagship bees that look quite tasty. They have a 2,000 square foot family beer hall that is family friendly, so it sounds like a good postgame stop if you’re in the area. They also have an outdoor patio that is great for fall Saturdays in upstate New York.

Congress - 4.8% ABV - An historic lager recipe updated by modern brewing practices. A light-bodied approachable beer, typical of this style, that is for anyone, at any time. Definitely more effective than Congress itself.

Breakout - 5.5% ABV - Breakout of the zone with this crushable blonde ale. Combining pilsner malt and noble hops makes this one easy drinking beer. there is nothing wrong iwth a good blonde ale.

Hoi Hoi Hoi! - 6.4% ABV - Fall y’all. Raise your mug to warm days and cool nights. Celebrate the season with a brew that boosts your spirits, with deep malt aromas and traditional lager flavors. Like a maple leaf in peak color, this reddish beauty is biscuity, malty and so endlessly quaffable, you may start speaking fluent German. Wünderbar!

Barley Crown and the Late Pumpkin - 8.7 ABV - Waiting and waiting in the pumpkin patch can really pay off. This imperial amber ale is pumpkin pie in a glass. With clove, nutmeg, caramel and cinnamon layered on boozy pumpkin all backed up with a malty amber beer.

Great Canal Collapse - 5.5% ABV - It’s history happy hour with this delicious witbier! Remembering that time back in 1907 when half a building and part of the Erie Canal collapsed, we teamed up with the Erie Canal Museum to honor all the wheat that was lost from the collapsed mill that day! Bright citrusy with a touch of coriander spice, this witbier is a perfect sipper for anywhere, especially canal-side.