Big Ten Reportedly Finalizing Media Rights Contract with Fox Sports, CBS, NBC

Bleacher Report

This would end a 40 year partnership with ESPN.

Key Highlights of the article are as follows.

As negotiations near the finish line, NBC is proposing a strategy that calls for back-to-back Big Ten and NFL games in prime time TV on Saturday and Sunday nights, said sources," per the report.

Aligning with CBS, which is losing its coverage of SEC games, effectively fills the void created by leaving ESPN/ABC. According to The Athletic's Nicole Auerbach, the conference wanted to have a consistent slate of national broadcasts every week

From a Steware Mandell Tweet…

You can see it now starting in 2023:

Noon: Big Ten on Fox 3:30:

Big Ten on CBS 7:30:

Big Ten on NBC

And starting a year later, ESPN will be able to counter-program with:

Noon: SEC on ABC/ESPN 3:30:

SEC on ABC/ESPN 7:30:


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