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Purdue vs. Penn State - Podcast Preview Predictions

Who ya got?

2022 Big Ten Conference Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This is it folks. Football season is officially upon us. Purdue football kicks off in just under 24 hours from this writing. It’s hard to believe the time has come but we made it! This is one of the most hotly anticipated seasons in recent memory. Purdue is coming off a 9 win season (Purdu9? I’m still workshopping it) that no one expected them to have even the most optimistic of the optimists.

Casey and I discussed our overall season outlook in the last episode but today we focus exclusively on Penn State and we take about the strength versus strength matchup that will be matchup with the Penn State defense and the Purdue offense. Casey runs through some stats that should give you an idea of what Purdue will be facing.

Lastly, I want to note that this podcast was recorded prior to the announcement of the health of numerous Purdue starters as well as the announcement of the south end zone project. Neither of these topics were covered but will be discussed on future episodes. Thanks for listening. Let us know who you’ve got in the comments. Boiler Up!!!