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Purdue vs. Penn State - Predictions!

Who you taking?

2022 Big Ten Conference Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Jumbo Heroes (0-0):

Assuming my podcast partner successfully puts out the podcast for tomorrow’s game you will hear much more about my thoughts there. However, I wanted to give you my thoughts here as well for those that prefer their sports content in written form. Purdue comes into this game a 3.5 point underdog according to Draft Kings which I suppose makes sense but I don’t buy it. I get that historically you see a matchup between Penn State and Purdue and think to yourself, well obviously Penn State is gonna win that one. But I wouldn’t go that far this year.

Purdue’s offense should really hum. With the return of Broc Thompson and AOC there should be plenty of slinging the ball around. This game will pit strength against strength as Purdue’s offense will go up against what should be a pretty good Penn State defense. I’m choosing Purdue here because I think the Purdue offense will be able to do more than the Penn State offense.

Purdue 31

Penn State 21

Travis (0-0):

I don’t feel good about this one. In general, I am still high on Purdue football and think we’re a bowl team. Basketball taught me to aim low in expectations though, so naturally any West dreams can get crushed from the get-go. This game feels like the 2018 opener against Northwestern, where Purdue had some great moments, but stalled in the second half and came up just short. I fear that happens again. (editor’s note: This is the exact same score Travis picked in his know thy opponent series but he flipped it to a Purdue loss, SHAME!)

Purdue 24

Penn State 27

Jace (0-0):

This is going to be the tone setter for either building on last season or a disappointing year. I’m opting for the former. Penn State is not going to be as bad as they were last year, but Purdue might be more balanced even without Bell and Wright now. Purdue is going to have to stop Penn State on the ground, which seems like it’s always a tough task. Purdue wins and has big days from O’Connell and the new look wide receiver core.

Purdue 27

Penn State 24

Holmes (yes he somehow still turns these things in) (0-0):

I like to theme my predictions each year and I was having some trouble coming up with a good one. One idea I had was worst thing about each opposing school...but, uh...Penn State is first and yeah, I’m not getting into that. Finally, I came up with DAD JOKES! I’m gonna try and come up with classic dad jokes for each opposing team this year to add to my predictions. Without further adieu...

I’ve seen a lot of predictions from national guys saying Purdue is a great upset pick for this week...too many. Brohm teams have seemed to struggle out of the gate and I think we’ll see a team that is still adjusting to losing it’s two biggest playmakers fall to a program with a better pedigree.

“My son’s grades were so bad, he couldn’t even get into Penn State. He ended up having to go to his backup school, Pencil Tech.”

Purdue 23

Penn State 28

Drew (0-0):

This is a home game for the Boilermakers, and it’s going to be a sold out Ross-Ade under the lights on national television. I think this will be Purdue’s best offense under Brohm, and they’ll make a statement on Thursday night. The defense won’t stop the Penn State run game, but it will slow it down enough to keep it from dominating the game. Sean Clifford is the wild card, and Purdue can’t let him get into a groove. It’ll be close, but I’ve got the Boilermakers winning in a close, high scoring game.

Purdue 34

Penn State 31

Kyle (0-0):

Boilers come out hot and fizzle out late.

I just have a gut feeling we lose by 10, I truly don’t know why. I think the defense struggles under the new defensive coordinator in game 1.

Purdue 24

Penn State 34

Casey (0-0):

Look, like Ledman I co-host a podcast all about this stuff that gets posted on this very site. If you listened to our Monday episode (linked here) you know that I picked Purdue to win this one and start the season off with a bang. I think Purdue is going to turn the ball over late and it will look pretty close. But I’ve still got Purdue winning in style.

Purdue 27

Penn State 21

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.