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Can Purdue Football Win 10 Games?

Purdue just needs to figure out a fun hashtag.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 14 Nebraska at Purdue
“Hey coach, what’s the first digit of Purdue’s win total gonna be?”
Photo by Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s finally here. We are through that Week 0 nonsense and are in Week 1 of college football. We’ve talked about the opponents, we’ve talked about Purdue, and it is now time to talk about what Casey and I expect Purdue football to achieve this season.

Before that though, let’s enjoy the hilariousness of Nebraska losing yet another one score game. This one in Ireland! Ireland! Imagine flying that far away to lose a football game. That flight home must have been pure joy. Imagine being the guy in charge of the team that lost after flying across the country. Also there’s a fun comparison here between Scott Frost and Danny Hope through their first 45 games in the Big Ten.

Then Casey and I go game by game through the schedule rapid fire edition to determine what we have Purdue at. 12 game season. No Michigan. No Ohio State. No Michigan State. If Purdue is gonna win 10 games in a season anytime soon this has to be the year right?

Jump on this ride with us and let us know how many wins you think this team can end the season with. What Casey and I think might be a surprise to all of you. Give us your thoughts!