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What Do The Bookmakers Think of Purdue?

In collaboration with Draft Kings I wanted to see what the, ahem, book on Purdue was this season.

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Purdue at Tennessee
What do the oddsmakers think the odds are that Purdue hoists the conference trophy?
Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t pretend to know everything there is to know about the world of college football. I focus mainly on the Big Ten because that’s where Purdue is and those are the teams I care about. There are some minor exceptions of course since Purdue has historically had a rivalry with Notre Dame I do pay attention there. Of course they may be a member of the Big Ten (Big Ten 2: The Search for More Money) in the future so I’m not sure that counts. With that in mind I wanted to check out what our partners at DraftKings had to say about Purdue’s chances of winning the Big Ten West, the Big Ten, and what the predicted win total was.

Now, I live in Maryland where sports betting is legal but, for now, can only be done at a licensed sports book so I don’t do any sports gambling myself. Still waiting on that authorization to bet online. Come on General Assembly! For the rest of you though, a vast majority in Indiana, it’s possible to place some money on your beloved Boilermakers. I reviewed the lines today and I’m honestly not feeling the love. Check out what they say about Purdue’s shot at winning the Big Ten West, Purdue +600. Those are the fifth worst odds in the division only better than Illinois and Northwestern. Wisconsin by the way is their favorite with a +190.

Purdue has the 9th best(?) odds to win the conference as a whole while sitting at +3000. Ohio State tops the list as you’d imagine at a -215. For those that don’t truly follow or understand what these numbers mean, that means for Ohio State you’d have to bet $215 to win a $100 profit. And for Purdue a $100 bet to win the conference would win you a $3000 profit.

Now, to look at Purdue individually, I was curious what these folks think the win total for Purdue will be. The over/under on win total for Purdue is currently set at 7.5. Honestly, (and this is not a recommendation on what to do so please don’t bet your mortgage on my thoughts) that seems low to me. I’d take the over here and gladly pick up my check as the season ended. I think 8 wins is something Purdue can easily achieve this regular season. Perhaps I’m being too optimistic here though.

Next, I wanted to see conference wins. This is similar to total wins above. Right now the over/under for conference wins for Purdue is 4.5. That makes sense if the total wins is 7.5 since nearly everyone thinks Purdue will sweep their three non-conference opponents. So my opinion here is the same as above but so much depends on the Penn State game to start the season. We will just learn so much about this team based upon that game.

Lastly, just for fun I wanted to see if they provided odds on Purdue getting to the College Football Playoff. But, just like the late great Rodney Dangerfield Purdue gets no respect as they failed to even appear in the odds of teams. Ah well, that just means that Casey’s belief in the team will power us onto these odds as the season progresses. When Purdue sits at 11-0 heading into Bloomington we’ll see what they say then!

So there you have it, a snapshot of where Purdue finds itself in the eyes of the folks who make money off this for a living. They’ve generally got a pretty good idea of the lay of the land better than you or I do. But again, I think the 7.5 win total is low. I reserve the right to absolutely back out of that statement should the season go south in a hurry.

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.