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Who are the Key Players for Purdue Football?

And what units need to perform?

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Purdue football starts in one week. That almost seems unbelievable. We’ve been without Purdue football for so long that it feels good to have it coming up behind us fast in the rear view mirror. So it’s time for Casey and I to buckle down and really focus on the Purdue squad and who we think the key pieces are.

Before we get into that though we talk about the recent update on season ticket sales from Purdue football and what that means for the team. Second, we look at the life of Purdue football legend Len Dawson after his recent death. What a legend this guy was.

Casey and I do our best to break down key players and key position groups for the Boilermakers. Casey gives me crap for my first choice but I think excluding him would’ve been just insulting. Casey goes a different route than I did and that’s what makes this episode so great. Between the two of us we touch on a lot of different aspects of this year’s team. Let us know who you think will be a key player this season. Do you agree or disagree with our picks? Let us know in the comments.