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What Can Purdue Football Expect in the Back Half of the Conference Schedule?

Does Purdue have a shot at a special season?

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With football season fast approaching Casey and I decide to speed things up a bit and talk about the back half of the B1G slate in a more rapid fire way. We unfortunately start off that portion of the podcast with a discussion of Purdue football heading up to face Wisconsin. This is not a game that either Casey or I are optimistic about. For obvious reasons. It just feels like Purdue hasn’t beaten Wisconsin since the Eisenhower administration (yes I know it was actually in 2003). After that game though things get a bit better. Casey and I take a look at all the remaining opponents as we finish up this part of the offseason.

Before we get into all that though we discuss the gargantuan B1G media rights deal that was signed last week. This was just an absurd amount of money. Casey and I discuss what you’ll need to do to watch all the games, where to find the games, and if we think this makes Notre Dame more or less likely to join the conference in the near future. All this and more on the latest episode of everyone’s favorite podcast. Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe so that all of you’re Purdue friends can find us easier.