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Purdue Football: The Tyrone Tracy Season is Here

I am expecting big things from the Iowa transfer.

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Jeff Brohm has never failed one time with making sure that his offense has a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses.

From Rondale Moore, to David Bell, and even Milton Wright, Purdue has been blessed with very good players that Brohm uses their skillset to take advantage of an opposing team.

The countless highlights from the three I listed above now moves to a new name, Tyrone Tracy.

The Indianapolis Native spent some years in the vanilla Iowa Offense before seeing light at the end of the tunnel and entering the transfer portal. Iowa just does not have a wide receiver friendly offense or a dynamic playmaker friendly offense, something that Purdue does have.

As of now, it seems like the plan with Tracy is very similar to how Rondale Moore was used, he is the slot man, but will play some on the outside and even get some carries. We saw Jackson Anthrop in a similar role in 2021 as well.

Tracy’s best season at Iowa was 2019, in that year he had just over 600 total scrimmage yards and 4 touchdowns. If everything goes as planned and he stays healthy, I truly think he could double that yardage total this season at Purdue.

He will have a short stint in West Lafayette, as he is a redshirt senior, But, I think it could be a memorable one for Tyrone and for all of us fans.