cognitive dissonance

I was challenged by a much younger twenty something friend to defend the sustainability of college football. Her point being that fifty thousand people driving, tailgating, and screaming for their team under lights is not environmentally sound. Multiply that by about a hundred games a week times 12 to 13 weeks and you see the reason she is horrified.

First, I acknowledge the cognitive dissonance of being "green" and enjoying a mass attendance sport. I am not letting baseball, soccer and etc off the hook. Still, I do not think I am alone being aware of the problem. I would make a wager that as I write the networks, the leagues and individual universities are all studying and planning. What will they come up with. I speculate:

1] Everyone must drive an electric car or walk to the games.

2] Tailgate cooking with solar cookers only.

3) Night games, everyone brings a candle.

4] Perhaps games with no fans. Just two teams and the broadcasters. I think that has already been done in pandemic circumstances.

Has you can see, my list is short of the mark. What would you do to make college football more sustainable? I am sure those already working on the problem would appreciate ideas.

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