Cradle being rebuilt


There is a bright light! I will not say hope, since it did not happen with him nor hat. However, they may have had some decent recruits.

Though Boiler history and perhaps Tiller helped in drawing some QBs to Purdue in the years since Joe left Purdue. Can any alum say, the current coaches are not commited to the QB position and an exciting football team? No!

They had developed:

Elijah, unfortunate injury that ended his career

D.Blough, a great leader, with limits, but on NFL rosters

Aidan, another leader, from walk-on to starter and future NFL player

At least 2 others are in the Cradle and ready if needed in 2022.

Upon review of the start of the NFL preseason, I found another Purdue QB on my beloved GB Packers. He was under coached and utilized. Hope recruited him (4* QB), but stayed to play for Hat. Then transferred to LSU.

Danny Etling is now 3rd QB for GBP. Last night he was:

6/8 for 123 yds, 1 TD, 0 Int

I am looking forward to Boilers and Brohm developing QBs from the cradle to the NFL. It has been awhile since Brees entered to now.

From the greater Purdue family, please say a prayer to Len Dawson and his family in this difficult time. Len is a big part of the cradle being built.

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