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If Purdue Football Beats Penn State, When Do They Lose?

After talking about non-conference schedule last week Casey and I take on the conference slate.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

After discussing the non-conference schedule in our last episode Casey and I spend the bulk of the episode today taking a look at Purdue’s conference schedule. With a 9 game slate that opens up with a Week 1 game against Penn State the Big Ten schedule actually looks promising for Purdue.

It’s hard to look at the Purdue schedule and not immediately notice that Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State are not on the schedule. That’s a blessing from the scheduling Gods. Purdue hasn’t faced a schedule like this in a long time and if they want to make another statement season they really need to take advantage of this schedule. As Casey points out this schedule “isn’t easy, but is winnable” and that’s what you want when you see the schedule released in the offseason.

How much of this Purdue season is going to depend on how Purdue plays against Penn State? If Purdue can come out of the season and beat Penn State when will they lose their first game? Casey has some spicy thoughts about that one.

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