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Boilers in the Pros: Ryan Kerrigan Retires

A great hangs up the cleats.

Syndication: LafayetteIN John Terhune/Journal & Courier

One the greatest pro athletes to come out of the state of Indiana decided, today was the day to retire. A great high school athlete, a great Boilermaker and a great Washington (Former Redskins, former Football Team) Commander is now retiring.

One of the Den of Defensive End members did not disappoint in the National Football League. Going 16th overall in the 2011 draft after a remarkable Purdue career, Kerrigan made an impact right away, tallying 7.5 sacks and starting all 16 games.

In his sophomore campaign, he was once again one of the best rushers in the league. Having 14 QB hits, 9 sacks and over 54 tackles. He was selected to the pro bowl in 2012. This would be one of four selections into the Pro Bowl during his 11 year career, in which he spent a decade in Washington.

Ryan hit his peak in the NFL from 2014 to 2018, where he had 13.5 sacks, 8.5 sacks, 11 Sacks, 13 sacks and 13 sacks. Making himself a household name, The most remarkable part of is career was his availability. From 2011 to 2018, he missed NO GAMES. He started all 16 each year, a truly remarkable feat.

In the end, he ended his career with 95.5 Sacks, nearly breaking the century mark. He is the all time leader in sacks for the Commanders. They have some very good ones on the team now, but I am unsure if any will be able to catch him.

Congratulations Ryan on a fantastic career. Enjoy retirement!