I attended a coaches conference this past week and spoke to a local coach about his experiences with D-1 coaches and how they recruit. He named off basically every big time known D-1 coach there was. I asked him who his favorite coach was and he immediately said "Matt Painter hands down." He said that every time Painter visited he was a genuine guy who was willing to sit and talk X's and O's with him and share his knowledge and expertise. Painter not only asks about the player's on court demeanor but his off the court attitude and family dynamic. He could tell that Painter really cared about the kids and wants to make them great men by the time they graduate from Purdue. He mentioned other coaches are standoffish and not personable when visiting with him. I wanted to post this I know there have been several discussions (a nice way of putting it) about whether Painter is a good coach or not. While I am also disappointed that we have no Final Four's under him, and I agree he has made a few questionable coaching decisions, I also recognize that his job does not just happen on the court. He is an ambassador for Purdue and someone who helps transform boys into men. There are plenty of examples around the country at other schools of coaches who less than stellar in this area. Based on everything put together, I think Painter is a great fit for Purdue and unless the program falls off a cliff, he deserves to continue coaching at Purdue.

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