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Can Brian Waddell Make An Impact?

What will the redshirt freshman be able to contribute?

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This episode was recorded weeks ago and was lost in the shuffle of travel and the Caleb Swanigan news. Think of this as a lost episode if you will.

I don’t think I’m talking out of school to say that to look at Brian Waddell you wouldn’t think of him as a potential college basketball star in the making. And yet, here we are. Casey has a high opinion of what this young man can do and I tend to agree. I remember watching his Dad play while growing up and if we get a player like that I would be thrilled.

Purdue has a long line of great shooters in recent years in Ryne Smith, Dakota Mathias, and Ryan Cline. If Waddell is able to join that list his career would be quite the success. With so many guards graduating and/or leaving the program this offseason the minutes are there for the taking. Can Waddell grab those minutes?

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