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Purdue Basketball: TBT Bracket Challenge Update...Now With Prizes!

Hammer and Rails has teamed up with the TBT for an H&R exclusive bracket...with H&R exclusive prizes.

Syndication: LafayetteIN John Terhune/Journal & Courier,

He y’all, I teased this yesterday, and now that I’ve managed to chop my way through the legal jungle, it’s time to unveil the Hammer and Rails exclusive prizes. Like the TBT, this is a winner take all bracket challenge.


Official Rules (this is what I’ve been waiting for)


  1. Enter the Hammer and Rails Bracket League.
  2. Fill out your bracket before tip of the opening game.
  3. Hope your teams win.

You have to be a member of Hammer and Rails to win the prizes. If you’re not, it takes less than 2 minutes to join our illustrious organization. As an added membership bonus, after 24 hours, you will have the ability to post on comments on my articles, and let me know how little I know about Purdue sports.



League Name

Hammer and Rails Bracket Challenge




Zero is the first number (Not O, like the letter)

Capital I (as in the letter) is the second (not 1)


The good folks at the TBT and Puma will provide the winner of the Hammer and Rails Bracket Challenge with the following.

  1. $100 Puma Gift Card
  2. Men of Mackey T-Shirt (the $25 dollar one from the TBT store)

In addition to the site specific prizes you are also eligible for the national TBT bracket challenge prizes.

The Bracket Challenge Locks at the Tip of the First Game, Which Is In 3 Days. I Need Your Help With This. Please Register So We Can Continue This In The Future!

Men of Mackey

Former Purdue Players

Lewis Jackson

Robbie Hummel

Kelsey Barlow

Jonathan Octeus

Honorary Boilermakers

Cameron Delaney (Denver and Houston State)

Evan Maxwell (Liberty, Kansas & Indiana Wesleyan)

John Harrar (Penn State)

Kyle Mangas (Indiana Wesleyan)

Luis Jacobo (Stetson & Purdue - Fort Wayne)

Tyrone Nash (Notre Dame)

Support Staff

Parker Tracey - Video Coordinator - Purdue

Mike Hess - Video Coordinator - Neumann University

Ryan Kay - General Manager - Purdue

Why only 5 Purdue Players?

Honestly, I have no idea. Haas was on the team last year and AJ Hammons was in uniform but didn’t play. At the same time, you’re not going to get many more opportunities to see Robbie and Lew Jack play basketball. We’re going to need to enjoy this for what it is, and not be upset about what it isn’t.

Personally, I think this years squad is better than last years squad. I’ll be covering this tournament for the duration, with regular updates as things progress.