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What To Expect from Mason Gillis

Will the four man improve on his sophomore season?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-St. Peters vs Purdue Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Casey and I continue our review of the 2021-2022 Purdue Men’s Basketball squad and take a look ahead to next season. Mason Gillis was the player that caused the biggest disagreement between Casey and I this season. I’ve been a fan of his since day one and believed that he would be a key part of last season’s squad. While Casey did not exactly disagree that Gillis could play a role he was of the opinion that Caleb Furst was the future of the position and would outplay Gillis as the season wore on.

Gillis began to outplay Furst, and Furst got Covid, and never gave up the starting spot. Gillis improved in three point shooting, free throw shooting, rebounding, and nearly every single measurable statistic. So what can he do next year? Casey and I again disagree. I’ve gone on record and chosen him as my second leading scorer for next year. Casey chose Furst so we are at a bit of an impasse on this position.

Questions abound regarding the 3-5 positions at Purdue next year. Who will get the bulk of the minutes at the backup 5? If it’s Furst then who is the backup 4 and so on and so on. It’s all about watching the pieces fall into place. What can Gillis improve upon to take his game to the next level? We discuss all this and more in today’s episode of the Hammer and Rails podcast. Take a listen, rate, review, and subscribe. Trust me, it’s worth it.