Least returning guard production of Painter tenure?

Next year the only guard production (1-3 spots) we are returning is Newman and Morton who combined for just 206 points, 66 assists, and 100 rebounds last season.

As far as I can tell not only is this by far the least amount of returning production in Painter's tenure, it's not even half as much returning production from the 1-3 spots as the 2nd to worst season which was 2019-20. That year we returned 438 points, 144 assists, and 203 rebounds (literally over double in every category). And that's without counting Wheeler's stats. AND we added Proctor as a transfer on top of that.

Every other season I can tell was at least 500+ points returning, 100+ assists, and 200+ rebounds, with many in the 900-1000 point ranges. This seems like it's going to be a massive failing on Painters part if we cannot get a transfer to come fill the gaping holes we have in the guard rotation.

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