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Is it Too Late for a Transfer Point Guard?

Has the window to add a seasoned point guard closed?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament East Regional Practice
Why won’t anyone return this guy’s calls?
Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

When the 2021-2022 Men’s Basketball season ended it was assumed by basically everyone that Purdue would have to be active in the transfer portal. The assumptions behind that, umm, assumption were that Jaden Ivey was going pro (fact check: true) and that Eric Hunter Jr. wouldn’t be returning (fact check: true but for different reasons). Some thought that maybe Isaiah Thompson would be leaving as well but that wasn’t a guarantee but turned out to be true. Regardless though of if Thompson stayed Purdue needed help at the point guard position. Painter knew this and seemingly hit the transfer portal making calls and knocking on proverbial doors.

So far though? Bupkis. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Big names have come to visit Purdue, Nijel Pack specifically, but thanks to $800,000 and perhaps a fully loaded 2017 Ford Fiesta he went elsewhere. More recently Tyrese Hunter chose to go to play for Texas rather than head to Purdue. Suddenly the big board for transfers is looking a little barren.

Today on the podcast Casey and I take a look at the remaining transfers available as well as the timeline for when these decisions are usually made under Matt Painter. Finally, we look ahead to what happens to this team if they don’t land a point guard and how they possibly cobble together some production from the position.