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BREAKING NEWS: UCLA and USC Have Been Accepted to the Big Ten

I guess it was the B1G’s Manifest Destiny?

NCAA Womens Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament Championship-Iowa vs Indiana Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

In what was leaked early this morning, it appears that USC and UCLA will join the Big Ten Conference in 2024. With both USC and UCLA confirming it on social media just minutes ago, the move is official.

Now, the Big Ten is sitting at 16 teams and I am at the point of, why stop there? Make it 20, 30! MEGA CONFERENCE!

All joking aside, I think we know what drove this move, $$$$$$$, just like getting the east coast market involved with adding Rutgers and Maryland years ago, now, the B1G will tap into the Los Angeles market.

And, while I think most B1G fans don’t love this move, it makes sense in terms of the money flow. All B1G schools get so much money from the Big Ten Network and now that will only increase. If USC is slated to play in West Lafayette at noon at any given point, that is a 9 AM watch session in LA, hard to complain.

A few things I am looking forward to.

  1. USC or UCLA playing a game in November in snow, those LA kids will be beside themselves.
  2. The inevitable upset of USC in Ross Ade Stadium as they are top 5 in the nation and we are just above 500, and seeing Lincoln Riley cry about why they lost.
  3. The brand new, riveting rivalry of USC vs Rutgers.
  4. All of the west coast wide receivers seeing the Brohmfense and then stealing USC’s commits.

The Big Ten has completed it’s Manifest Destiny, it has spread this conference from sea to shining sea, President Polk is smiling in his grave.