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NBA Draft: Three Boilers Hope a Dream Comes True

1 Lock, 1 Late Pick and 1 surprise pick?

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Tonight is the night for 3 Boilermaker Basketball Players. The NBA Draft will start at 8 PM Eastern - where we can expect to hear Jaden Ivey’s name early, Trevion Williams’ name late and maybe we could here the Serbian Sniper’s name late as well.

Since the season started, it was evident that Jaden Ivey was a lottery lock, some will disagree, but it does not matter what you think. NBA execs have had him locked in since the end of November as a lottery. At one point, he peaked in many mock drafts as going #1 overall.

It seems though, there will be a run of Forward-Centers in the first three picks with Jabari Smith Jr expected to go #1, Chet Holmgren expected to go #2 and Paolo Banchero expected to go #3.

The 4th overall pick is held by the Kings. During the season, they made trades to get rid of their glut of guards, but it seems that they are in a position again to draft a guard, where we could see Jaden Ivey pair up with De’Aaron Fox and Davion Mitchell.

Or, we could see a Jaden Ivey go 5th to the Detroit Pistons, I personally do not see him going any lower than 5th to the Pistons, if the Kings pass on him and look elsewhere. So, Pacers, if you want in, better get the phone ringing for #4.

Trevion Williams coined the term “Big Guard” at the NBA Combine, with many NBA execs saying he was the best passer at the combine amongst all of the prospects. We have seen it first hand, we know how talented he is passing the ball.

The question is, he Tre an undersized 5 or did he stretch his game enough to play some power forward in the league? His passing and dribbling ability will allow him to be effective on the perimeter alone, but if he adds a jump shot, he could have a very long NBA Career.

Lastly. Sasha Stefanovic. He did not attend the NBA Combine, but he did work out for plenty of the NBA teams as they host prospects for individual workouts. It has been said he shot well in the majority of these workouts.

In the shoot the 3 first NBA we have now, maybe Sasha could find his footing as a 3 & D guy. He will need to get stronger, but every team is looking for a 6-5 3 point shooting Ace in the modern NBA. If not, he will definitely get a run as an UDFA and maybe see some G-League Time.

So, here are my final predictions:

Ivey - Lottery Lock - Top 5

Trevion - Mid to Late 2nd Round

Sasha - Late 2nd Round to UDFA