Where will Ivey and Trevion be Drafted Tomorrow?

Tomorrow night is the NBA Draft and Ivey is going to be a lottery pick and is pretty much 100% going to be taken by one of the teams 4-7, that includes Sacramento with the 4th pick, Detroit with the 5th pick, the Pacers with the 6th pick, or Portland with the 7th.

It's pretty doubtful he would climb above the Top 3 guys who are a step above in scouts eyes, or fall outside the Top 7 or 8.

Trevion has been mocked mostly around the 50's area when he's included. Definitely a late 2nd rounder or undrafted guy in my opinion but he should also get plenty of shots to prove himself in Summer League and the like and get on a 10 day prove it contract.

I guess I need more words so this will be a long sentence asking you to please tell me your opinions on the draft.

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