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Lewis Jackson Returns to Men of Mackey

Can the Purdue PG help the team reach new heights?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Nicolas Galindo/The Columbus Dispatch via Imagn Content Services, LLC

If you aren’t familiar, we here at H&R are big fans of The Basketball Tournament and specifically the Men of Mackey. This is a basketball tournament for a $1 million prize. The majority of the teams are linked to colleges with graduates making up a large chunk of each team. This year the Men of Mackey will be back and they’ve begun to announce their team. First off is one of the greatest Purdue PGs of all time.

Lewis Jackson played with the Men of Mackey for the first time last year and it’s great to have him back for round two. If you can solidify the point guard spot you’ve got a chance to build a really good team.

Jackson obviously is one of the fastest players you’ll ever see and his athleticism is off the charts. Even at his height he can still get up there and dunk. That remains one of the highlights of my time as a Purdue fan was being on the end of the court where he dunked for the first time and seemingly knowing what was happening before anyone else and just standing in awe.

If this team is anything like last years it will include a mix of Purdue graduates and some ringers to round out the team. No official word on any additional players at this time but it’s something we will closely watch. Make sure to follow the Men of Mackey on twitter to get all the breaking news.