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Where Does Caleb Furst Fit in 2022-2023?

Also, which fast food chicken sandwich is the best?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round Milwaukee- Yale vs Purdue Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As Casey and I draw to a close of our look at the men’s basketball roster we come to one of Casey’s favorite players, Caleb Furst. Furst had an up and down year last year mostly because of his getting Covid (we think). Furst lost his starting spot to Mason Gillis and did not regain it the rest of the year. So, how does he fit into the roster next year? With Gillis returning and TKR coming out of a redshirt how does that impact Furst?

Casey has been a fan of Furst since prior to day one of him stepping on campus. The guy just has so much talent, I’m talking about Furst here not Casey just to be clear, that it seems hard to believe he would find himself struggling to see the court. So today on the podcast we talk about his future and how he fits on the new roster. One of the best things about Furst is that he can play either the 4 or the 5 which allows him a number of opportunities.

On a less serious note we answer some viewer questions at the top including the future of Purdue athletics and also we discuss the top chicken sandwiches.

Normally I would include the Spotify link here but they seem to be down at the moment. Hopefully if you listen on Spotify our episode has come through.