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Purdue Men’s Basketball: B1G Announces 2022-2023 Conference Schedule

Let’s take a look at the conference slate.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament Second Round-Purdue vs Texas Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As we hang out in the offseason that seems to last FOREVER we anxiously await any news about either football or basketball season. Today, we got quite a big drop of information as the B1G announced the conference schedule. As always, there’s a tweet that makes it look all nice and shiny.

There’s a lot to take in from that image so for those that would prefer it in text here’s from the Purdue release:

Home-and-Away Series (7)



Michigan State



Ohio State

Penn State

Single-Play Home Games (3)




Single-Play Road Games (3)




We can obviously never be too sure about how the season will play out, who knew Rutgers would have looked so good this year for instance, but we can take a guess based on what we know about the conference and the teams. I think Purdue made out pretty lucky here for a number of reasons. First, we only face Illinois, Iowa, and Rutgers at home. These are teams that have had very good seasons of late and have given Purdue very difficult games. Two additional teams that Purdue only plays once, Michigan and Wisconsin, have continued to be very good in recent years. Having Northwestern only once, and on the road, is a tough break for Purdue as you’d love to have them twice but overall this was a very good draw.

Purdue likely will need a bit of a break from the schedule as they lose so much talent from last year’s squad. As the team looks to rebound from a disappointing end of season loss this schedule sets up nicely for them to do just that. Specific dates and times for these games have yet to be announced but for those getting season tickets this gives you a good idea of what you’ll see.