Brandon Newman. Resilient. Boilermaker.

Here's an in-depth article on Newman and the first time I hear from him speaking directly about the season and why he comes back to Purdue.

Here's the cliff-note version:

  • Newman was indeed angry after his first DNP-CD. But he worked with Spike a lot on his shooting and ball-handling.
  • When Newman met with Painter after the season, he asked, "I want to come back here; do you want me to? Is that a mutual thing?"
  • He really wants a Purdue degree. He is on schedule to finish by the fall, and will then be working towards a master degree.
  • "I want to stick it out at Purdue and win as many games as I can for Purdue."

Love me some Newman! Really like to see how someone appreciates a Purdue degree, in this NIL era where the school doesn't matter but how much a collective can pay. Of all the players next season, Newman is the #1 guy I'll be rooting for to succeed. I am just old school. I love guys who stick out through adversity, and value education. I think there's beauty in the struggle, and those who can get through it usually turns out better than without the struggle. I hope Newman will prove me right when he's unguardable raining step-back 3s. I've seen a video of him doing that and it was a sweet stroke like Jesus Shuttlesworth.

If there is a disappointment about the article, it's on Painter. Newman shouldn't need to be asking the question whether he is welcomed back. I'd like to see CMP reiterating encouragement and support directly to Newman throughout the year so that Newman did not even have to raised the question. I mean, I may scold my son and even discipline him if he misbehaves, but I'd like to see him not having to question whether I love him and want him in the family.

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